Monday, December 14, 2009


The snow started yesterday, pretty much right on time. I found out the day before that my van needs a 'major engine repair' to the tune of about $3000! Yikes~it's nearly fifteen years old! So, that's not happening, and I don't want to drive it, since it could die at any time. Now to figure out how to afford a new (to me at least) vehicle. Too bad I don't have all those jillions of dollars I'm always winning every day in my spam box! For now tho, I'll be walking to work~it'll be my stress relief! Between my feet, the bus and mr pawprint, I should be OK for awhile...


  1. We had good luck with Lease Boys online. Not sure of the website because my husband found it - but - if you sort through there are some good deals. And that was for us years ago, before the economy went down. We got a van with low kms, took over the reasonable lease with option to buy-out for a good price, and the guy paid us $2,000 to do it. Maybe you'll find something there. We ended up selling it and getting a new one (to pay off in a few years - sigh). (((Hugs)))

  2. Oh dear...I can trouble is the worse..but in this weather who wants to drive...our roads are so so icy today. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your caring words that you left yesterday on my blog...they have helped me to carry on today..we do miss our Rosie. Thank you so much.You are so sweet. Your blog is lovely!