Friday, January 8, 2010


Altho the kitties do make me laugh, that actually means"Lovin' on Lena!"  A couple of us at the barn have been working with the tamest of the feral felines.  After hours of dragging twine thru the hallway and hiding behind doors and walls, wiggling my fingers at her, Lena now comes running when she hears my voice and will follow me in the hall.  She LOVES chin and ear rubs, and will let me pick her up for a half a minute or so at a time.  I'm quite enjoying my nearly-nightly visits with her!  She is so sweet~I'm hoping she will be able to come home with us once she's spayed.   Our resident cat Julie, is not enthused...

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  1. Oh, she's cute! I hope she comes home with you too.