Thursday, April 22, 2010


My mortgage came up for renewal at the beginning of the month.  I contacted a Mortgage Broker who found me a GREAT deal, thru a different lender.   Everything was going along smoothly~until my bank decided they wouldn't accept part of the agreement.  Well, that's business, I understand that.  But I don't understand them not getting back to my Notary until 20 minutes or so before the close of the business day, the day before a 4 day long weekend.  Which added all kinds of stress and many $$$ of interest and extra payments for me.

The other day I received a letter from my bank, stating they'd paid out my mortgage.  Apparently I'd overpaid, and they'd refunded the 14 cents to my account!  Flippin' bank.  Their dithering around cost me $2200, but thanks for the 14 cents.  And yes, I'm in the process of changing banks...


  1. oh that sucks! we just renewed early in Feb.. and lucky thing too, since the rates have jumped up three time this past couple of months! eek!

  2. Hi Merium
    Thanks for the comment over my way and good luck with the giveaway...

    You know banks suck!! haha.. I have worked for many as a contractor in IT... and they are just as sucking with staff as clients.. although they are getting their act together more these days...[here anyway]

    I just read your previous rant about the contact lens.. hahaha.. had a good laugh... really sounds like something I would do... I finally gave up trying to wear them.. irritate my eyes too much.. but loved your story about the contact floating in your brain.. brings back many memories.. So have you ever thought about getting the lazer treatment? It is on my mind lately.. so sick of glasses.. but scaredy cat to try the op.. not to mention$$$...

    Ok.. big comment.. hahah.. have a lovely week and thanks again..
    xx Julie

  3. Hello, I just found you through the lovely Julie at Being Ruby and how funny that she has commented above me...I know why they(banks) do these things...come close are you ready for it....THEY ARE ALL ARSEHOLES!!!!normally I would add a haha after such an outburst, to, lets face it someone I have only just met through blog world but there is nothing funny at all about banks...hope you have a fun week...cheers Katherine