Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ha ha, I started to post about my birthday, and needed to help Mini with something and ended up posting the barely started post!!

This year I did things a little differently, starting a week before, with a new cut and streaks.  I tried to do something special for myself almost every day for a week!   On the Monday, 20 of my girlfriends and co-workers met for 'Ladies Night' at one of the local restaurants and celebrated with appies and bellinis.  |It was total fun to have all my besties together!  During the week I picked up some books, a new lipstick and Mini and I took the horse for a walk on the dike.  The day of, Mini took me for brunch and gave me the lovely gift of two seaglass and silver seahorse necklaces, one for each of us.  I love seahorses and the necklaces are just beautiful and so special for us. 

Sadly, the mr put no thought into the day.  We went to a football game (season's tickets) and to a pub for dinner afterwards.  No card, no gift, and no 'Happy Birthday' until late that night.  It was very disappointing.  Especially the next day, when I discovered he had bought HIMSELF a new computer.   On my birthday.    Yup, he's a Jackass...


  1. I don't mean to laugh, but, well, I laughed at your last line. Reminds me of when my husband put all kinds of thought and research into a business dinner. But a dinner date with me? Not so much.

  2. oh man! i'm so sorry your honey didn't put effort into your day, but at least you had a great birthday week!

  3. Happy belated birthday. Well you know, no gift now warrants a bigger gift later. My husband didn't get me an anniversary gift so I bought myself some clothing from BR and Margiela shoes and said it was from him. Random Chanel nail polish and other things will be my birthday gift.

    Glad to be in your area - it's really lovely!

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