Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, Mr Pawprint and I are not living together now, but we're seeing each other and dating and will go for some couples counselling down the road.  We're spending various amounts of time at each other's places, and when  Mini and I were going to his place the other day we found our way blocked by police cars and crime scene tape.  Turns out there was a shooting.  In his building.  Barely 3 feet from his door.  He was taking an afternoon nap, and was woken up by 2 shotgun blasts.  It was a targeted shooting, in a family complex, and it sends shivers just thinking of all the ways it could have been so much worse.  The other neighbor has 3 little kids and  you only have to google the 'Surrey Six' shooting to see how your life can be taken away just by being in the wrong place.  By just going about your job or heading out your door at the wrong moment.  I can barely think what could have happened if Mini and I had gotten there earlier instead of looking for a party dress for her.   Mr P is less rattled now~he spent that first night back here~but I am still nervous visiting, nervous that he's living there and sad that we are in a place where we need to live apart at all.   The neighbor has been evicted and I hope the next hit-man gets that piece of info, because the first one didn't get the job done.    It's a pretty sure thing that someone will be back.  

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