Tuesday, July 14, 2009

an anniversary....

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary of being together~the anniversary of our first date. For the first time, we didn't celebrate it, or even mention the day. I'm sure he knew~he gets email reminders for all special days~but this year even I didn't feel into the day. I'm not sure what, exactly, we would be celebrating. He remains married to someone else. Never would I have thought, 4 years ago when we started out, that this would be the case at this point in time. I have no feelings that we are moving forward in our relationship. I no longer wear my engagement ring. For the first time, this year we are not having vacation time together. He will be going away at the end of this month for a week and possible two weeks. And you know what? I am so looking forward to it! I wonder how we will both feel when he returns. There are lots of good things about my partner. He is wonderful to my daughter. He is so kind to my Mom and other family. He and my brother get along really well. He cooks. Often! He massages my neck and my feet when they're sore and tired. Again, often.

It's time to make our relationship a priority. We have a weekend away coming up in August. It'd be nice to really enjoy it as a couple. Better get crackin'...

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  1. Its easy to let it fall to a less important spot. I hope things work out for the best which ever way that is. Thanks for the comments on the new blog. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep the other one. I find I don't like talking about myself as much as I thought I might.