Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's summer!

Man, it's hotter than stink!! I don't want to complain tho~our winters are sooo long here. The biggest challenge (besides coping with the sauna-like atmosphere) is making sure the cat doesn't get out when the doors are open~we've been shutting her in the bedroom, since she usually sleeps there, but she's on to us now and has started sleeping under a desk in the living room! She stays put for awhile once the door is open, then when I'm not looking, she quietly pussyfoots outside and jumps off the deck to eat grass!

It should start cooling off in an hour or so. Then it'll be my fave time of the day~sitting in the cool air with a bunch of candles and some juice or a martini..

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer...

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