Monday, August 10, 2009

It's holiday time!

It's the hottest summer here ever~at least up to now~just as my holidays have started, so has the rain! WTF is that about?

We spent yesterday at a local Blues and Roots Festival. It was great! There was a bit of rain on the drive, but it cleared up just as we arrived. Awesome music, lots of food, alcohol for those who wanted it. Sharon Jones has incredible energy, and Smokey Robinson has great pipes! Honestly, when he came out in those shiny, skin-tight red leather pants, well, it was just a hoot!

At one point we watched an eagle fly overhead with a fish in it's talons~and just before 8 PM hundreds of crows started flying to their roosting spot! there were dragon flies all day. Wasps too, but they were just annoying. Next weekend we're travelling to another festival about 5 hours away, encompassing the entire weekend! I can't wait!

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