Tuesday, March 8, 2011


At the end of last year, I decided 2011 would be the year to tackle getting back into shape and loose those pesky pounds that I've put on over the last few years.  January was the start of 'The Biggest Loser' at work.  I was determined!  So I started by using fat-free cream in my coffee and limiting alcohol and promptly lost 3 pounds!  Of course, I'm limiting portions and drinking about 2L of water a day.  I'm sure running to the biffy a jillion times a day is burning off a butt-load of calories!

Last Monday I started a fitness challenge.  I power-walked four times and did some strength training.  When Mini goes to the barn I get into my walking duds (newly purchased.  It's been very cold here.  My pajama fleece pants just weren't cutting it!) and head out onto creepy Lincoln Ave and book it.  My cell phone serves as a  timer for intervals and an old barbeque lighter makes for a flashlight~there are no street lights~like I said, creepy.  Since January I've lost 7 3/4 pounds!  And I'm sleeping better. 

Mini and I just signed up for a 40 KM bike ride in May!  It's a fund raiser, and teams have access to 2 months of personal training~circuits, bike riding, strenth training, nutrition, etc~all FREE!  Who could pass up 2 free months of personal training?  I'm pretty stoked about it all!  Especially since there's a high-school reunion this summer.  It'd be nice to look smokin' hot for it...

I wanted this year to really be a time to focus on me, and doing things to make me feel good about myself, things that make me happy.  Years ago, when I worked out a lot~weights, martial arts, played a little hockey (a Mom's team.  We were pretty awful.  Lost every game!  Had tons of fun!)  I felt the most beautiful when I worked out, doing things to make my body my friend. 

Added bonus~the cool things you see when you're out walking~ 7 herons sitting in a conservation area of the farm and the first time ever sighting of a skunk!  Even creepy Lincoln Ave has a mini donkey farm.  Let me tell you, they are cuter than cute! 

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