Thursday, March 3, 2011


I guess I knew, when mr.p moved to his own place, that it was the beginning of the end for us.  We parted ways a few days before Valentines, and it was heated and a bit ugly, and hurtful things were said..the same old arguments with nothing getting resolved.  Well, except for the break-up part~that was resolved.  And even tho it's the best decision for everyone, there are moments when I miss him so completely that it almost takes my breath away.  And there are many more moments when I think  'yes~ this feels right'.   I'm holding on to those moments, making them last and letting that feeling guide me as I make other changes in my life. 


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear of your difficult time...any change, espeacially one as big as this one takes so much bravery...just remember to be extra kind to yourself. Wishing you luck and light and hoping there's much furry goodness around to keep you company & life your spirits.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the recent changes in your life. Much love and hugs to you!