Thursday, November 26, 2009

How she's grown...

18 years ago I was basking in the glow (read:exhaustion) of new motherhood! My beautiful girl turns 18 today! Sometimes it's hard to believe that my 5lb 14oz bundle of awesomeness has grown into such a gorgeous young woman, since it seems like yesterday that she was born. As if I just blinked and she's all grown up...

She's working today but I've taken the day off. There's cupcakes to be baked! And much remembering for me, of the last eighteen years of growing together.

photo by awesome photographer Carol-Ann Loeppky

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

barnyard cuteness!!

Nicky has settled into her new barn~and so have we! I love to be there night after night, surrounded by these beautiful animals~curious and gentle~well, mostly, anyway! She's a bit of a loner, but I've made some new friends!

This is Amber. She is about 8 years old. Isn't she pretty?

The black horse is Pixel! She's a pony. I always thought a pony was a young horse. In fact a pony is a small horse-height wise. Ponies are always adorable!

What would a barn be without a barn cat ot two? Lena is peeking underneath a locker door, while her brothers Leroy (the ginger) and Leo have a snooze. They are curious but feral, and there are 4 younger kittens about 6 weeks old also. They will need to be caught soon and taken to the vet for spaying/neutering.