Tuesday, November 17, 2009

barnyard cuteness!!

Nicky has settled into her new barn~and so have we! I love to be there night after night, surrounded by these beautiful animals~curious and gentle~well, mostly, anyway! She's a bit of a loner, but I've made some new friends!

This is Amber. She is about 8 years old. Isn't she pretty?

The black horse is Pixel! She's a pony. I always thought a pony was a young horse. In fact a pony is a small horse-height wise. Ponies are always adorable!

What would a barn be without a barn cat ot two? Lena is peeking underneath a locker door, while her brothers Leroy (the ginger) and Leo have a snooze. They are curious but feral, and there are 4 younger kittens about 6 weeks old also. They will need to be caught soon and taken to the vet for spaying/neutering.


  1. Oh how SWEET! All of them. I can hardly stand it. I would love to have horses. I'm glad the kittens will be spayed/neutered :)

  2. Love the photos oozing with cute-i-tude. ;-)

  3. Your blog is lovely!!! Thank you for visiting me and entering my giveaway..which I will be drawing for tomorrow. It is so nice to meet a fellow blogger from the Lower Mainland! Your animals are adorable!

  4. What beautiful horses and cute kitties! Reminds me of when I was young and would visit my uncle's farm in Quebec. That's actually where I got my first kitten =D What a lovely blog you have.