Sunday, June 20, 2010


I've been chuckling over this conversation between the mini-me and one of her co-workers for a few days now....
random co-worker:  oh hi, mini, I ran into mr pawprint a few days ago at {insert random big-box    electronics store}

mini-me:  oh ya?

rcw:  ya, it's the first time I met his boy.

m-m:  so, how was that? {smiling nervously)

rcw:  I didn't realize they looked so much alike...

m-m:  {giggling uncontrollably...}

rcw:  what's so funny?  wait~no!  I mean facially!  did you think I meant because they're!!!

I love it!


Sadly missed and remembered with love~My Dad.
This is the last pic I took of him before he died,
13 years ago.
He and the Mini-Me were reading
'The Three Little Pigs'
And he acted the parts for her.
I love this photo!  It captures him so perfectly!
Miss you Dad!

mr pawprint and I had a fairly quiet weekend.
We went for Italian last night~yum!
Organic pasta and leftovers!
And today was the first football game in the new/old stadium.
Even tho we lost, it was a pretty good game.
Luckily, the forcasted rain held off, a very good thing
as we are playing in an outdoor stadium this year while B.C. Place
gets a new retractable roof.
Amid the sea of orange and black t-shirts
(who comes up with these team colors anyway??)
one older couple stood out.
They were both dressed impeccably in white suits.
She wore strappy orange heels and had an orange purse, gloves 
and scarf on her white hat.
He had a large orange feather in his white hat
and an orange scarf around his neck.
They were so dapper!
I hope they're there next time,
'cuz I would love a photo of them!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Um, I know you're busy and all, what with the whole world to look after, but it's June 4th.  Please, please, can you make the rain stop for a few days and let us have some sun?
 So grateful for your consideration,