Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nine days ago I had a run in with an ornery contact lens!  It was flipping around on my fingertip, and when I  finally got it into my eye, it migrated right up under my lid~I swear it was in my brain!   I couldn't get it out.  My co-worker tried, but she couldn't get it out either.  By the end of my work-day it was really irritating me~one of the Docs froze my eye and fished out.......half a contact!!   He looked some more, but couldn't find the other half, and of course my eye was frozen, so I couldn't feel if it was still there.  And that's how the rest of the week went~some irritation, but just as many days when my eye felt OK.  Tonight I rubbed my eye and next thing I knew something was falling into my eyelashes, and there it was, the elusive half contact in a blob of eye goo.    My Daughter was grossed out, but I was thrilled!   My eye feels so much better, but I'll be continuing the contact lens rest for awhile longer...


  1. My eyes hurt just thinking about that. Thank goodness you got it out!

  2. ooooh... sounds a bit scary and freaky! thank goodness it came out!